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Who exactly is a community manager?

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You've already heard of a community manager. He is the person dedicated to managing the accounts of a company on social networks. What exactly is his job?

Represent the brand on the web

The community manager is the ambassador of the brand on the web since he speaks on its behalf. Therefore, the tone and the messages that are used are assimilated to those of the company. His speech must be well ground, prepared and validated by the brand to stay consistent with its image and not to commit a "bad buzz".

Writing content

Writing web content is the basis of communication on the internet. The CM writes diverse content: blog posts, video descriptions, publications, ... to keep a committed community.

Animate the community

Imagine various concepts of exchanges with the community! The community manager constantly organizes various activities: games, polls, contests, ...

Exchange with the community 

The community manager does not just post content. He animates the community and creates exchanges. For that, he needs to imagine content that makes you react and that creates discussions. Also, he has the obligation to respond quickly to questions, requests, complaints from customers ... A silence or a bad answer can quickly become destructive for the image.

Feeding the marketing department

Feedback from the community manager is rewarding for the brand, as it has been able to identify the most attractive products for Internet users and those that are ignored by them. In permanent exchange with the community, he can also detect the expectations and frustrations of customers, important indicators in the brand development strategy.

Set up a sectoral watch 

The community manager ensures a continuous watch of the technological, commercial, competitive environment etc ... in order to feed the page with relevant information of the sector.

Qualities of a Community Manager

  • Has good communication skills: starting and holding an online conversation
  • Searcher: always on the lookout for new ideas
  • Creator: creating engaging and relevant content
  • Judge: know what, when, and how to share 
  • Emphatic: put yourself in the shoes of his interlocutors 
  • Serious: the image of the brand is between his "fingers"
  • Attached to the brand: to defend it better and sell it to internet users

What do we retain of a community managerthe job?

He is the spokesman of the brand on social networks: he is the bridge between the online community and the company he works for. He plays an important role in its promotion on the web.

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