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01 Elyos Digital, digital strategy consulting

Digital strategy consulting

In an increasingly connected world, 'traditional' companies can no longer procrastinate with their digital projects. ‘Digital native’ companies are also forced to stay digital.

Engaging and succeeding a new digital project is not always a simple task for business leaders and managers. This is where the Elyos digital experts come in, to support them throughout all stages of digital strategy: from the understanding the needs to the deployment of the project.

The spectrum of our digital support offer is broad and adapts to all sizes of projects and budgets:

  • Benchmarking & competition studies
  • Analysis of issues, opportunities and constraints
  • Drafting of specifications and functional specificities
  • Accompaniment of the teams during the implementation
  • Experience feedback
  • Upgrade & improvement
02 Elyos Digital, direction artistique et design

Artistic direction and design

Elyos Digital artistic direction offers you the best of custom design.

  • Web design: starting from your graphic universe, your tastes and desires, the best in the sector, the trends of the moment, we develop an inspiring board that we transform into a model of the home page, the showcase of your site. After exchange and validation, the mockups of all pages of the site will be provided before moving to the integration phase (HTML, CSS, JS). The design work takes into account the responsive display and the web ergonomics: navigation, readability, loading time ...
  • Graphic charter & print design: creation and redesign of logos, business card design, brochures, posters advertising ...
  • Video Creation: design of institutional videos, presentation of products & services, promotion (motion design) ...


03 Elyos Digital - Développement web

Web development

Elyos Digital agency offers you its long experience in web project development.
The fields of our intervention cover:

  • The creation or redesign of websites: site showcase (on the basis of Drupal 8) and e-commerce site (on the basis of Prestashop)
  • The development of custom web applications responding to the specific needs of your business (Laravel)

We take care of all aspects of your project from design to programming.

04 Elyos Digital, Développement mobile

Mobile development

According to your needs and objectives, Elyos Digital will take care of the design and development of your mobile application in native IOS, Android or hybrid.

Elyos experts are at your service throughout the process:

  • Demand analysis and feasibility
  • Writing specifications and functional specificities
  • Designing the application according to your charter
  • Development and testing
  • Update and improvement
05 Elyos Digital, Référencement


Elyos Digital SEO experts offer tailor-made services:

  • SEO audit: before starting a mission, it is essential to carry out an audit to detect the positive and negative points in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization): on-page improvements, "mobile friendly", loading speed, URLs, links to social networks etc. This audit conducted by a SEO expert, with the help of professional software, is the basis to establish the most accurate action plan
  • On-site SEO plan: throughout the project redesign or website creation, up to when it goes online, several actions will be carried out: choice of keywords, help with writing, implementation of titles, meta descriptions, optimization of image size, definition of alt attributes, use of microdata and Open Graph tags etc.
  • Off-site SEO plan: the job of referencing the site continues following the posting: netlinking (linkbuilding & linkbaiting), submission of articles to important media sites to ensure the external popularity of the site
  • A plan for audience tracking to drive future developments of the site: a reporting system will be set up for an audit and ongoing recommendations
  • Paid Search (SEA): Google adwords campaign management


06 Elyos Digital, social networks

Social networks

Depending on your area of activity and your needs, Elyos Digital offers its services for the management and strategic animation of your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. pages.

Our social media experts are at your servic to reflect and propose a tailored communication strategy in line with the values of your company, the image you want to convey and the objectives set in terms of conversion. A schedule will be defined later for the animation of the page: date of publication, message / subject etc.

Also, depending on your budget:

  • We create advertising campaigns on Facebook: definition of the target (age, region, gender, center of interest, ...), graphic design of the publication, creation of messages with reporting, analysis of the results,  adjustment of the target groups and messaging guaranteed
  • We set up generation lead campaigns to enrich your customer base
07 Elyos digital, digital marketing, e-marketing

Digital marketing

Elyos Digital offers a complete e-marketing service whose goal is not only to generate new customers but also to maintain your brand image:

  • Paid and unpaid referencing
  • Management of social networks
  • Creation of newsletters
  • Creation of blogs
  • Writing content 
  • Creation of videos & infographics
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